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Verlust und Erinnerung
by Christoph Lingg (Photos) + Juerg Amann, Martin Amanshauser, Juri Andruchowytsch, Beppo Beyerl, Elfriede Czurda, Oswald Egger, Stephan Eibel Erzberg, Ria Endres, Claudia Erdheim, Antonio Fian, Eleonore Frey, Werner Fritsch, Elfriede Gerstl, Anselm Glueck

"Loss and Remembrance - an anthology" Original texts of 48 writers from Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Ukraine are included in this anthology. The loss of people, places and things, of childhood, of communities of shtetls, is the subject matter of the contributions. Many deal with very personal experiences of the authors, with private chapters of their lives. Thoughts about relatives who have passed away. A father, a daughter. Childhood memories. Dedications to lost towns, meeting places and streets. Memories of moments. Mental snapshots. The two editors have supplemented the texts with photographs taken by Christoph Lingg in cemeteries in Barcelona, Bratislava, Budapest, Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Perm, Prague, Salekhard, Vienna and Yar Sale.

ISBN: 978-3950245011
Publisher: Edition Aufbruch, Vienna, Austria
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