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12 Twarzy/Faces
by Filip Cwik
I never wanted to touch the war in any way. The Syrian-Turkish border, however, brought me dangerously close to the point where, even without facing the war directly, its presence was felt everywhere and at all times. Diffenrently, strange. Instead of firing arms, a deafening silence, the ever-present stifling tension. Associating with people who experienced the war, I collided with their experiences and stories. And even though I did not want them to remain with me for long, they spread out in my mind. As a non-healing wound, a constant bitter taste in the mouth. Destruction and cruelty of war do not need words, or sometimes even photographs. So what is all for, I ask myself. I do not know and I no longer look for answers. I had to make this album for them, for myself, for my sons. Out of fear, out of powerlessness, but also out of gratitude, that I can safely escort my boys to school in the morning.
ISBN: 978-83-933361-2-8
Publisher: Filip Cwik

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