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Christina Feldt Photography
by Christina Feldt
Christina Feldt is a photographer based in Berlin, Germany, and her photographic work is driven by her restless desire and curiosity about the world and its people. Most of her images are grounded in people, everyday life moments and stories of human experience. She likes to cross boundaries of cultures and language, searching for pure and authentic moments... in a face, in a movement, in daily life, in an action. She likes to play with evocative color, shadows and light, covering topics such as street photography, portraits, day-to-day life, reportage, etc. Christina has witnessed poverty, social injustice and sad moments in areas of conflict, but has also experienced indescribable beauty, happiness derived from simplicity and the enduring power of the human spirit. Her book "Photography Christina Feldt" is a vivid collection of those pure and authentic MOMENTS she was fortunate enough to experience, and a selection of REPORTAGE stories she has covered around the globe, bringing people from the other side of the world a tiny step closer to us.
Publisher: BLURB

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