Lauren Greenfield

Fast Forward: Growing Up in the Shadow of Hollywood
by Lauren Greenfield
Publisher's Description
Nose jobs, gangland funerals, and thirty thousand dollar Bar Mitzvahs: This portrait of Los Angeles youth cultures--in the barrio and the mansion--is filled with revealing, ironic portraits of the shallow lives nurtured in our nation's media capitol. The images are often paired with insightful, though sometimes frightening, testimonials by the children photographed. "A jolting and terrifying journey into the cult of appearances>"--Michael Guerrin, Le Monde. Review
A 13-year-old girl works out at the track with her personal trainer. Two 17-year-olds caress their newborn. A 7-year-old pauses on the red carpet outside the Shrine Auditorium on her way into the Academy Awards ceremony. A 16-year-old lifts his shirt to reveal a hairless chest wreathed in tattoos. These are but a few of the provocative images that fill the pages of Fast Forward, a collection of portraits capturing children from East L.A. to Bel-Air. Many of these photos are accompanied by the kids' own words about their lives and the world around them, often revealing a wisdom beyond their years and a naiveness--a failure to understand the values in which they are immersed. What emerges from these images and words is an alluring, if at times disturbing, portrait of a generation perhaps too quick to leave its innocence behind.
ISBN: 0679454535
Publisher: Knopf
Hardcover : 126 pages
Language: English
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