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Inner Circle of Europe
by Gert Verbelen
The center of Europe through the eyes of photographer Gert Verbelen

This photo series traveled the young photographer and designer Gert Verbelen all eighteen member states of the Eurozone. He visited the exact center of the country and stayed there every week to photograph daily life. Almost always he ended up that way in the poor and desolate places. Europe, which are clearly not just the well-known institutions and the cities to which we make city trips. Europe, which are also godforsaken villages where no youth living longer because there is still no job.

From Verbelens photo documentary is much sadness and loneliness. At the same time it shows the power of small communities and a great feel for the place, the house, the kitchen, the living room, the chair of the screen ... These small rooms are treasure troves and real worlds in themselves. Every detail tells a story.

With a text contribution by Stephan Vanfleteren.
ISBN: 9789492081377
Publisher: Hannibal, Veurne, 2015

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