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Crossing Europe
by Poike Stomps
Book: Crossing Europe- Poike Stomps

Colophon Photography: Poike Stomps Texts: Poike Stomps, Tomas Vanheste journalist at De Correspondent Design: Kummer & Herrman Color correction: Fotolab Amsterdam Introduction: Poike Stomps Translation and editing: Cecily Layzell, Erica Moore and Marianne Beuken Print: Die Keure, Belgium Print run first edition: 1,500 of which special editions: 42 ISBN no: 978-90-824261-1-3 © Copyright 2016 Poike Stomps no part of this publication may be reproduced and/ or published without prior written permission from the copyrightholders
ISBN: ISBN 978-90-824261-1-3
Publisher: Poike Stomps Books
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