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Postcards to Charles Lynch
by Garapa Collective
Published in 2015. This work is available as a limited edition printed collectors art book as well as a completely free version of the book online.

Postcards to Charles Lynch is a project that discusses contemporary lynchings in Brazil and its visual representations. Winner Stock Exchange ZUM / IMS Photography in 2014. From the lynching published on the Internet images of ownership, we propose the deconstruction of images of violence through interference in digital files.

Design and production: Collective Garapa Design: Milena Galli Printing: Meli-Melo Press Work steel: Shed Base (Leo Ceolin + Rodrigo Barbosa) Silkscreen: Visual Effects Editor: Sydney Perego Thanks: Instituto Moreira Salles, Thyago Nogueira, cide Martins Neto, Ariadne Natal (NEV-USP), Seventh Art.
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