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This folder may contain clippings and other ephemeral material. . .
by Liz Sales
An ephemera file (sometimes known as an artist's file, a subject file, or a vertical file) is a folder within the collection of a library, archive, or historical society containing loose material such as magazine and newspaper clippings, postcards, and pamphlets. These folders are organized by surname or subject matter and provide original material for researchers. They often do not circulate due to their unique, fragile, and irreplaceable nature. Unlike a bound anthology, the contents of this work are not confined to a stationary page and cannot trace a linear history. The artifacts cannot be completely clipped from their original context nor can they help but change in this new environment. This Folder May Contain Clippings and Other Ephemeral Material... is a reminder that no reality is mutually exclusive from another; history is capable of meandering no matter how purposeful our attempts are to contain it.
Publisher: Conveyor Editions

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