Out of the Dump: Writings and Photographs by Children from Guatemala
by Kristine L. Franklin
Publisher's Description
Black Starr photographer Nancy McGirr started this children's photography project in Guatemala city some years ago to publicize the lives of poverty stricken Guatemalans. Out of the Dumps refers to the fact that all of the children in the project actually live in the city's garbage dump. All proceeds from the project go to an educational fund McGirr has set up for the 23 children now involved.
Amazon.com Review
Let's look at parenting from a child's view--Over 1,000 children live and scavenge in the Guatemala City garbage dump. In this stunning and heartbreaking book, the dump children photograph and write about their parents, siblings, animals, and about their plans for the future. Mirian Esquivel writes, "Women always have a lot of children because they fall in love when they're only fifteen years old." Rosario Lopez promises, "When I'm a mother, I'm going to educate my daughters." Gladiz Jimenez says, "My parents can't read. / They can only write their names. / Maybe I will be their teacher. / Ma me mi mo mu."
ISBN: 068813923X
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Hardcover Language: English
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