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Hà Nội: CAPITAL City
by Michael Waibel
Photo book on the urban development in Hanoi, Vietnam, in connection with Goethe Institute, Hanoi.

Excerpt from greeting of the Director of Goethe-Institut Vietnam, Dr. Almuth Meyer Zollitsch: Hanoi, city of the rising dragon, has a history stretching back for a thousand years. All significant turning points in Vietnam’s history have left their mark on the city. Hanoi has kept its soul. Visitors sense it as well, the marked contrast to other Southeast Asian cities with their freeways and concrete jungles, marveling at Hanoi’s many squares and small parks, the tree-lined avenues with their leafy canopies, the bustling neighborhoods and the endless stream of motorbikes. We invite you to go on fascinating excursions through Hanoi that will show you the city from a variety of perspectives – from bird’s eye views to portraits of its inhabitants. The picture of the city of Hanoi is multi-facetted and pulsing with vibrant energy – and on the move into the next thousand years.
ISBN: 978-604-78-1965-2
Publisher: Fine Art Publishing House, Vietnam 2015