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I can't get through the chaos
by Michał Adamski
"One year, one place Two deaths "

"I can not get through the chaos" is a recording of the author's struggle with the death of his parents. They both passed away in the same year, in the same hospital after several months spent in bed. Michal Adamski accompanied them till the last breath. Photos arose in the intervals between care and clipped calls. It's hard to talk with someone knowing that this person will die, that is why photography has become his shield, which helped him to survive this difficult time. Calm after the last goodbye is only apparent.

"It was a tough year for me. I’ve been watching my parents dying slowly. Despite their advanced age I was not prepared for their deaths. It was not easy for me to enter to an empty house, where I was struck by the overwhelming silence and the things left by them - just like parents only went out for a while. I photographed my mother before she went to the hospital, but when I realized that she was leaving, I felt like: yes - this is so important. I needed these photographs not to go crazy, to be able to collect my thoughts just for a moment. I wanted to close these project in form of a book, able to end this stage of my life. Working on this book has allowed me to get used to the death of my parents "- Michal Adamski.
ISBN: ISBN: 978-83-941298-0-4
Publisher: self published
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