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Welsh Light
by Glyn Davies
This is my 4th & largest book so far. Images are from my wanderings across the intriguingly beautiful regions of Anglesey, Snowdonia & the Ll?n.

This is not a book 'about' Wales, but instead a personal collection of atmospheric images stimulated by the light, weather & culturally influenced landscape of this spectacular area.

You may recognise many of the places in this book, but when you study the body of work 'as a whole' you will hopefully notice something else, something unfamiliar - sometimes disturbing, sometimes melancholy, occasionally uplifting - something that has more to do with a spiritual connection to this ancient earth, infinite skies and that fragile thing called 'life'. Welsh Light is more than just an interpretation of a magical landscape; it's a momentary insight into my search for the 'bigger picture'.

"Glyn Davies is obviously a photographic artist, but he is also a practitioner in total control of the technicalities of his medium. Enjoy this special body of work."

Roger Tooth, head of photography, the Guardian
ISBN: 978-0-9557003-7-8
Publisher: Glyn Davies Photo Artist Ltd

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