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Rockin´ Spain, un viaje al corazón del rock´n´roll
by Antonio Alay
Ending 2005 beginning this initiation journey through classic rock'n'roll scene in Spain. Intense emotions and dry, sweet and dangerous melodies. Rock'n'roll hypnosis that continues. And traveling across the Spanish geography to enjoy the festival and meet the people who live it, musicians, bands, theaters ... A tour de force that leads to another stage of study, historical research and documentation. And the photographic project evolves into a more complex and exciting than publishing project, and with Marcos Sendarrubias, Iris G. Merás and lots of friends, would become a collective tribute to the classic rock'n'roll and the different cultures that revolve around him. "Rockin Spain, a trip to the heart of rock'n'roll" is an illustrated history from its origins in the US to date in our country, with very personal stories and historical images which follow my photographic work on the scene Spain and, to conclude, the musical production of an original record with the bands of the moment. More than a hundred extraordinary authors among musicians, journalists, photographers, illustrators, collectors, promoters ... This hectic journey without destination, whose first delivery is this work, is also a tribute to all of them.
ISBN: 978-84-9785-732-1
Publisher: Lunwerg Editores, 2011 · 23 x 23 cms. · 320 pages · hardcover

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