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Daydream Believer
by Naohito Sakuma

When it comes to explaining this photo book in short terms, I think it’s a “resistance to my daughter’s growth”in a positive way, with just a bit of pessimistic feeling.

As she grew up and starts seeing world outside, I felt happy, but at the same time, I felt that this was my last chance to show my presence as a father. (More precisely, I made up my mind that this would be the last one.) Choosing my daughter as an object, I compiled our records of a year into work with the hope that she would turn around and look at me. Physically and Mentally.

The mask functions as not only a mysterious item that draws our attentions but also something that changes her mood/mode to the unordinary world. It also means it’s a switch to draw her attention to the photographer : a switch to turn her attention from outside of the world to me as a father .

Unlike rabbits that stay cute forever as they grow up, tigers, which grow up with their size and atmosphere, became a perfect icon to represent “growth,”the theme of this photo book.

Whether this is just simply my Japanese fatherhood or this is actually a universal fatherhood,

I am so looking forward to finding out.
ISBN: 978-4-904541-15-9
Publisher: LibroArte

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