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Landfill Dogs
by Shannon Johnstone
The 204-page hardcover Landfill Dogs book contains color portraits of more than 100 shelter dogs in an unlikely setting—a former landfill turned into a public park in Raleigh, NC. This landfill was active for 14 years (1994–2008), and during this time the animal shelter brought its euthanized animals there for burial. Now covered with lush green foliage and equip with a walking trail to the top, it is the second highest point in the county. Families come here to fly kites, picnic, and walk their dogs. However, below the surface there are an estimated 25,666 dogs buried there.

Divided into three sections (“Recycling”, “Like New”, and “Products”), Landfill Dogs reveals the problem with associating pets as property while highlighting the souls who are lost due to animal overpopulation. In addition to the Landfill Dogs portraits, the book also contains twenty follow-up stories of dogs who found homes, and also illustrates how we came to associate pets as property. Above all, Landfill Dogs hopes to connect the reader with the dogs most at risk for these euthanasias, show them as great companions, and turn a tragedy into a story of hope.
ISBN: 978-0-692-48975-8
Publisher: Blurb
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