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The Creatives Among Us
by Shmuel Thaler & Wallace Baine
Photographer Shmuel Thaler and arts journalist Wallace Baine celebrate 20 years of artists in Santa Cruz County who have defined the community and exemplified the restless spirit of the creative life. In one of the largest arts communities in the country, Thaler and Baine started the Gail Rich Award in 1997, in memory of arts activist and promoter Gail Rich, honoring several artists every year in different genres for theIr contributions to the community and their art forms. The 20th Anniversary book will be an historic document of the artists of the county in beautiful black and white photographs. Together, Thaler and Baine will take you on a journey through the last twenty years with 149 artists from all genres. Over 150 photographs with forewords by Nikki SIlva and Neal Hellman.
ISBN: 978-0-9833434-2-4
Publisher: 7 Angels Press

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