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Ciudad de la furia
by Maurizio Cimino
Maurizio Cimino tells about his love for Buenos Aires in words and pictures. It is a strong vision of a city in turmoil, a city on the move. There are two things that come to my mind seeing Maurizio's pictures. The Crisis and the Tango. Around the year of 2000 there was a collapse of the Argentian economy and the people of the city faced very harsh conditions. A state of emergency was declared resulting only in increased protest in the streets. In December 2001 many people got killed in clashes between police and protesters. I recall these events and realize that they happened just a few years ago. Roberto Goyeneche sings: ¿Cómo olvidarte en esta queja, cafetín de Buenos Aires? - "How can I forget you in my lament "cafetín de Buenos Aires"? If you are the only one in life who resembled my mother. In your strange association of smart guys and self-killers I learned philosophy... dice... gamble and the bitter poetry of not to think of myself." It is a city I have wanted to visit many times, but I have never got closer than to the airport on a flight to Santiago de Chile. I remember trying to feel the smell of the city, with little success. Maurizio gives me something more. Thanks. - Mr Urbano -591 photography Buenos Aires ti entra nelle vene, languida come un bacio di nostalgia sanguemista. Buenos Aires degrada in un mare viola di struggente rim- pianto che ti si fissa nel cuore. Allegria disperata artisti di strada Sante Madres, riaffiora il dolore.. Mansìon Serè ! I ragazzi di Moròn gridano Justicia... gatillo fà cil strascichi di orrore. Cartoneros affamati di vita, bordelli istituzionali, el paco consuma ragazzini innocenti. Il vortice ondeggiando frenetico culla scioperi cantati e am- malia tassisti immigrati. Buenos Aires ti brucia, ti desidera, ti stringe: passione vera amore totale.
ISBN: 978-88-6419-026-6
Publisher: Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici