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In Passing
by Annegien van Doorn
Looking at the work of Annegien van Doorn, it is easy to notice her special way to face daily life: she is constantly looking for encounters with quotidian objects that are undoubtedly present in everyone’s routine, but they are usually just used and forgotten, as almost unnoticeable things. However, through Annegien’s photographic and video work we recognize how, with simple gestures, she provides them with a second connotation and function. She gives an attractive and unusual appearance to these ordinary objects making us aware of their actual existence. This way of looking around and paying attention to the most common, is what brings to Annegien’s practice the characteristic of ‘lifeart’; she is not only a keen observer of life behind the objects that we usually ignore, but using her camera, she makes a reflection on the origin of each product.
ISBN: 978-94-90119-36-2
Publisher: Fw:Books

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