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Hijab Unravelled
by Danielle Regout
The hijab can seem to be more than just an item of clothing. Historically, its roots are in Islam as a form of religious dress, and debates and conflicts old and new use the hijab as a site of contention and discussion. It is a symbol to many and is freighted with a wide variety of associations, positive and negative, fairly and unfairly.

This project is not about that, though. It is not about politics or religion. My only intention is to give thirty-one young, Muslim women the opportunity to convey, through my photographs and short biographies, what inspires each of them as individuals to wear the hijab. Many young women who wear the hijab are cosmopolitan, self-confident, and, like many other young people, maintain a vibrant presence on social media. This burgeoning on-line world is an opportunity for self-confident women to present their own individual motivations for wearing the hijab; these are the ‘hijabistas’, a wonderfully modern portmaneau of hijab and fashionista. The ‘hijabistas’ share everything with their on-line community, from their day-to-day activities to fashionable tips on how to wear the hijab.
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