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Il Iato Invisibile del Paradiso. Pellegrinaggi ai Confini del Tibet
by Luke Duggleby and Giovanni Da Col
A collaboration with Italian anthropologist Giovanni Da Col (MA, Mphil, Phd Candidate) from the Department of Social Anthropology and Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit (MIASU) at the University of Cambridge led to the publishing of a book titled 'Il Lato Invisible del Paradiso - Pellegrinaggi ai Confini del Tibet' or 'The Invisible Side of Paradise - A Pilgrimage in to Tibet's Borderlands' in english.

The book was published in Italy by Egon Edizioni and was launched at The Fiera International book festival in Torina, Italy, in May 2009.

Over a period of 5 years I documented this remote region of NW Yunnan Province, China, and Eastern Tibet covering many aspect of the area's culture as diverse as Tibetan Catholic enclaves and sacred pilgrimages to salt mining and Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies.
ISBN: 978-8896215074
Publisher: Egon Edizioni
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