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by Julia Runge, Cornelia Limpricht
One hundred and one years after the Rehoboth Basters rose up against their German colonizers, the photo book “Basterland“ takes up the task of providing a multifaceted insight into the contemporary life of the ethnic group living in Namibia today. A heterogenous spectrum of images arises in condensed pictures, revealing the tension-laden contradictions inherent to a typical phenomenon of our day and age—the confrontation between the processes of global standardization, and traditional regional structures that have been upheld over generations and defended against such external, antagonistic forces.

It is a portrait of a society that seems to find itself in an “in-between“ amid tradition and change and also the reinterpretation of seemingly stable concepts of “origin” or “home“—terms that have their own particular relevance in connection to the Baster’s unique history. The Basters are the offspring of the union between European settlers and their indigenous Khoisan slaves. Accepted by none of their ancient societies, they had to prove great will to defy social exclusion.
ISBN: ISBN 9783941602946 / ISBN 978-3-941602-94-6
Publisher: Julia Runge

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