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The last Year of Childhood
by Ute Behrend
The Last Year of Childhood, tells of the transition from childhood to adulthood. It brings together images from the mysterious realm between carelessness and quirkiness - and is a product of a Japanese-German cooperation: the publishing house Powershovel Books from Tokyo invited Ute Behrend to experiment with analogue photography. The artist received various low-cost cameras - and opted for the large version of the former Chinese People's Camera "Holga". It was the beginning of a two-year project that culminated in The Last Year of Childhood.

The people observed in this book move through time and space. But there is a third movement, that of the narrative images themselves. They constantly suggest new ways of reflecting perception, touch, loneliness and companionship, intimacy and disguise. They introduce a new level into the responses to people and their environment: they reflect that our consciousness itself, whether childlike or grown-up, is little more than a rather inaccurate camera that you always have to carry around with you. Thus Ute Behrend not only illustrates a dreamy story on the loss of childhood, but also a hyper-awake essay on photography itself.
ISBN: 978-4-434-15788-2
Publisher: Powershovel.books

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