JeongMee Yoon

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It Will Be a Better Day_Korean Modern Short Stories
by JeongMee Yoon
The presented works are reinterpretations of scenes inspired by a collection of Korean short stories, written from the 1920s to 70s, produced in the form of photographs.

As we view the various human issues described in the stories, such as fundamental desires, misunderstandings, suspicions, jealousy and poverty, and situations regarding the material civilization, discrimination based on nationality, humor in spite of everything, Koreans’ group unconsciousness, return to the beauty of nature, religious conflicts, etc., we are given the opportunity to think about the problems of human society, regardless of age, country or economic status, and in so doing, reflect upon ourselves today, and the situation of our society.

The situations reenacted in the works are not simply representations for the sake of representation, but attempts to show that such situations are still fundamental problems in our society today. Thus, we should be able to discover images of ourselves in the photographs.
ISBN: 979-11-952062-0-9-03660
Publisher: PinknBlue