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Poland.In search of diamonds
by Tomasz Wiech
My first photobook Poland. In search of diamonds is coming up. The book is about Poland which I have been interested since few years. I published the book by myself thanks to scholarship from Narodowe Centrum Kultury programme Young Poland. Beautiful layout was designed by Wojtek Kwiecień – Janikowski. Interesting texts were written by Michał Olszewski.

"This is a country where anything’s allowed. Here every, even the wildest relationship, becomes flesh. Our version of beauty has nothing in common with the utterly clichéd classic of Tuscany or Andalucia. Our beauty is an elixir for the initiated, those prepared for a surprise, for difficulty, a bold metaphor, a combination that seems to come from one’s wildest dreams. Poland is a land of cowboys, galloping dinosaurs, camels, dwarves, plastic bison and the biggest Jesus in the world, a land where any, even the most fantastical architectural form is allowed, a land like a great big question mark. A land of great adventure." - part of Michal Olszewski's text
Publisher: selfpublished
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