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Once Upon a Time
by Ilia Yefimovich
My work researches the human conflict and its obsession with territory. I’m building a puzzle which represents the cultural evolution both in Russia and in Israel. As an observer, I find interest in the changes that society goes through, both in times of struggle and in everyday life. My work stretches between Russia and Israel, as two places I simultaneously live in. In Russia I have memories of my childhood, while Israel provides me with the prominent ability to see the change, as I sense it on a daily basis. I am attentive to the world around me, searching for bridges that will connect the two parallel worlds in which I live in. While concurrently, I attempt to create those bridges. Both the historical and the social paths in my work are profoundly important. We live in a very socially connected community , therefore I am obligated to serve the society. As an artist who exhibits his work , I find it important to create a conversation with the viewer. As it’s important for myself not only to research and evaluate the surrounding , but to contribute to it as well. It is a known fact that there is no right way to look at things, however, I believe that there is a unique connection between people and objects. A connection that conceives new opportunities, new ideas.
Publisher: Blurb
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