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by Hiroshi Okamoto

“I want to die”. During February 2013, this e-mail was sent by my best friend in my university, who was doing his job-hunting then. In Japan, more than half a million students participate in job-hunting simultaneously every year. Students go into this frantic game with their desire and anxiety for their future careers. “Recruit” is a personal story of Yo Toshino, my best friend from my university, and his job-hunting experience. This is also just one of the stories amongst more than half a million job-hunters in Japan. *147 editions only (Signed and numbered edition) *98 pages(27.3cm×19.6cm×0.9cm) *all archival pigment digital print. Photography, Text and Binding : Hiroshi Okamoto Editorial coordination and Art direction : Yumi Goto, Jan Rosseel In collaboration with Reminders Photography Stronghold 2015 / 2015 HANDMADE PHOTOBOOK WORKSHOP “STAPLES AND STITCHES

Publisher: Self-Publishing
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