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Runway: 09L/27R
by Andreas Trogisch
Fasten seat belt Bring your chair-back in an upright position. Get ready for landing. At Tempelhof Airport / Runway 27R/09L. Specifically: The 12th Centerline A white painted orientation stripe on asphalt. 30m long / 90cm wide.

This 12. stripe Andreas Trogisch has scanned with his camera inch by inch and assembled the pieces to one large picture. In the book, the entire stripe is mapped on 44 pages at a scale of 1: 2.27 with a total length of 13.20m. Nothing else.

›So what?‹ you might ask. ›White paint on asphalt, what can be seen there?‹

A lot!

Sun, wind, rain have acted, the asphalt has become brittle, aircrafts rolled over, and after the closure of the airport skateboards, bicycles and prams. With RUNWAY we dive into a dramatically jagged microcosm in which the characteristic of matter, the active forces of gravity, corrosion and erosion and the traces that people leave through their actions, are superimposed.

A crazy, great, consistent, minimalistic masterpiece.

RUNWAY will be published in an edition of 180 signed and numbered copies.
ISBN: 978-3-941825-36-9
Publisher: Peperoni Books

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