Anja de Jong

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Berlin’s Covered History
by Anja de Jong
Berlin’s Covered History shows 15 colour photographs full spread printed over two pages and 1 black-and-white photo from Anja de Jong. Alongside the images, there is an introduction in which the creation of the project and the book is explained. Author Jan Brokken writes in his essay ‘Berlin Seven Times Over - A little less history, please’, about his travel memories and his experiences in the German capital before and after the fall of the Wall. All text is written in English as well as in Dutch.

Format 23,4 x 31cm, soft cover with fold out, 48 pages, 15 colour photographs full spread over two pages and 1 black-and-white photo. Designed by Renate Boere, Den Haag and printed by Ando bv, Den Haag. Special stencil technique by Extrapool, Nijmegen. Published in 2009. Price: € 15,= (shipping costs not included). To order by e-mail: [email protected]
ISBN: 978 90 808242 2 5
Publisher: Anja de Jong

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