We Street Book
Our first book consists of 225 photographs which were taken in 39 different countries by 154 photographers. This book is available on demand through Blurb in three different formats and qualities and is a non-profit initiative.

The goal of this non-profit project was to show the wide range and beauty of contemporary street photography. More than 15.000 photos were submitted by thousands of street photographers from all around the globe. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to publish all photos in the book. However, the most important message of each and every photo is being conveyed on every page: “Love life!”

In order to show the wide range of street photography interpretations, you will find all sorts of styles: From raw to aesthetic, color to black and white and melancholic to cheerful. Why? Because street photography means taking self-portraits thru strangers. It’s one of the most intimate ways to connect with the world while at the same time expressing your deep love for it.

We hope that this book inspires you to open your eyes and heart even more to the beauty of everyday life around you...

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