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C.E. N.S. U. R.A.
by Julián Barón

In his photobook CENSURA Julián Barón presents a work based on the style of “broken camera”, using powerful flashes that blind both the viewer and the photographed character and transforming that photographic error into a political language. CENSURA was selected by Photo-eye Magazine as one of the 10 best books of photography in 2011.

In that big circus that politics is, photography and censorship are allied to each other in order to manipulate people through the false use of image as a document, using large mass media to subtly but constantly mask those aspects that do not respond to the claims of the parties, blurring and distorting reality. However, by focusing in a different way on politics and its leaders, trying to use the camera in decomposition, it is also possible to make photography censor censorship and then, negative against negative, offer something positive, some new perspectives on politicians and their superficial status, revealing how the state they defend so hardly vanishes with their actions, their images and all the paraphernalia that surrounds the ivory tower in which they believe they live in.

ISBN: No ISBN; Softcover; 80 pages; 51 photographs; 6.3 × 9.2 in; Layout and graphic design by Pablo Ortíz Monasterio; Design collaboration by Daniel Zomeño; Prepress: Víctor Garrido; Spanish - English edition
Publisher: Selfpublished, distribution by RM
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