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Blank Paper Photobolsillo
by Antonio M. Xoubanova, Fosi Vegue, Óscar Mozón, Mario Rey, Ricardo Cases, Alejandro Marote and Julián Barón

The Blank Paper Collective emerged from a shared artistic interest: to photograph the everyday. Its founders’ purpose was to generate an encounter where new ideas and projects would germinate. Blank Paper School was founded in 2006 with the mission of offering a new kind of training in photography and with the intention of serving as a platform for emerging photographers.

La Fábrica compiles photographs by its founders (the photographers Fosi Vegué, Antonio M. Xoubanova, Alejandro Marote, Ricardo Cases, Julián Barón, Mario Rey and Óscar Monzón), each with their own unmistakeable personality and with the premise of being different while remaining unique.

Text by Ivan del Rey de la Torre

ISBN: 978–84–16248–61–2; Pages: 96; 13x18 cm.: spanish/english edition
Publisher: La Fábrica
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