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Red String (Trade Edition)
by Yoshikatsu Fujii
Covered in white felt, Red String is a delicate and personal family album. The split binding allows the reader to page through one side and then the other, but the powerfulness comes from pairing both halves together. With this photobook I tie the memory of my parents back together with the cultural metaphor of red string. Only 35 copies of the book were made - the number of years my parents married. It was selected as a Best Book by contributors to numerous publications including TIME, and LensCulture, etc. Red String was awarded the Jury Special Mention by The Anamorphosis Prize and nominated for First Book Award for Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards. This trade edition by ceiba makes limited 500 copies.
ISBN: 978-1-941781-02-9
Publisher: ceiba foto

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