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Princess Zohey at the Fair
by princesszohey.wordpress.com
Princess Zohey was born on June 21, 2007 in Happiness Land. June 21 is the shortest day and longest night on the calendar of Happiness Land and it declare the first day of summer, although it still feel and look like winter all babies born on the 21 of June are called summer babies in Happiness Land. Princess Zohey received her crown officially from Queen Ernestine after two years of attending the school for Princesses, because in Happiness Land, happiness rules and Queen Ernestine make sure that everyone applies this one rule. Now that Princess Zohey is qualified as a Princess of Happiness Land she is allowed to travel the world with Queen Ernestine her mommy. Princess Zohey is very excited about the prospect of meeting different people and discovering the world outside Happiness Land, giving her the wonderful opportunity to share all these wonderful adventures and discoveries with her friends at Happiness Land. Princess Zohey is loved and welcomed by everyone. People are always taking pictures of her where ever she goes. Everyone always wants to hug and hold her and she enjoys that and hugs them back. Happiness Land has special cupcakes with pink roses for all the guests and friends that visit Happiness Land. It is a tradition in Happiness Land, that when people leave Happiness Land to return to their own world, they receive a magical cupcake, once they eat it, they will always know how to be happy and stay happy forever. It is a special gift from Queen Ernestine to all the travelers who visit Happiness Land.
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