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How Princess Zohey got her Name
by princesszohey.wordpress.com
Happiness Land needed a Princess to play in woods, smell the flowers and travel with Queen Ernestine all over the world. Queen Ernestine, read through many newspapers and searched online looking at many of the new born babies that enter the world each day. This went on for weeks, because she wanted the perfect Princess for Happiness Land, one that will enjoy Happiness Land and who will bring joy wherever she goes. Understanding the power of a name and the magic in it, Queen Ernestine started to create the perfect name for the new Princess of Happiness Land. Queen Ernestine invited all the inhabitants of Happiness Land to participate in this great event, because every name that is created in Happiness Land vibrates forever in the Universe as a song, and everyone wanted a beautiful happy song for their new Princess that will bless them all.
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