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Journal Me & My new Puppy
by princesszohey.wordpress.com
A new puppy is a wonderful gift and companion to yourself; when trained to be loving and kind, by their nature puppies already know how to bite. Having a big dog as a constant companion is a wonderful adventure that allow you to travel to places that would have been too lonely on your own and too noisy with other people. Understanding your companion’s way of communication is something you must develop and enjoy, starting with social training for you and your puppy at a dog training school or should I rather say human training with puppy, both learning new social skills of communicating their appreciation of each other. Dogs are fun loving creatures always ready to travel and play. Enjoy your new adventure, man, woman or child you will never eat alone, sleep alone or travel alone again. Get creative and plan adventures, it is always best to phone and ask permission to bring your people smart companion along; ninety nine percent of all places will give you a big yes, if your dog is well trained, from hotels and flower shows to restaurants and art galleries. This is a great experience for anyone who is going through the loss of a partner; puppies don’t ask questions puppies don’t criticize your appearance; they always help you to ask yourself what can I do today instead of crying? Start your new puppy journal today and create a life full of joy.
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