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Copacabana Palace
by Peter Bauza
Copacabana Palace is the story of a never completed housing project on the western outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. It has so many names, such as Jambalaya or Carandiru or “Copacabana Palace”, after the famous luxury hotel on the even more famous Copacabana Beach. The six blocks have become a place of shelter and hope for some 300 ‘Sem Teto, Sem Terra’ families ‘without roof or land’.

As per the United Nation more than 1 Billion people are living without an adequate roofing. The number are growing worldwide and Brazil is not an exception.

“Paradise is here, hell is here, madness is here, passion is here.” Francis Hime’s verdict on Rio de Janeiro became Peter Bauza’s motto when he lived with the inhabitants of Copacabana Palace for several months, creating a unique photographic documentation that in some way symbolizes the fight for survival of millions of Brazilians ‘Sem Moradia, Sem Teto, Sem Terra’ – without roof or land.

208 pages, 104 pictures, 240x 300 mm, Hardcover with French-Fold Jacket , Luxo Art Silk New, 170 gr
ISBN: 9783903101197
Publisher: Edition Lammerhuber
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