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Pueblo Ballet
by Santiago Barreiro
End of 2011 – closing celebrations of the two hundred years of the emancipation process, the Bicentennial. That was the first time I became acquainted with classical dance and when the intellectual appetite that brought me here was born in me.After two years of management and photography, that project which I named “Pueblo Ballet” reached its final stage.Thanks to the support of SODRE National Ballet Company (BNS), and to many of its dancers, we could go through with this small photographic study, which shows the reactions of contemporary Uruguayans to the beauty of classical ballet.We took dance to those who could not always access it. We made some changes in the public areas and caught people’s attention as they went about their daily routines.“Pueblo Ballet” decided to take a series of photos to conceptually portray the relationship between the SODRE National Ballet Company and the Uruguayan people, or rather, the Montevideo people.We wanted to unify, through images, the beauty and finesse of classical dance with social folklore and by doing so, to promote the culture of ballet and bring down years of misconceptions in our country.

Photo book with hardcover 80 pages 33cm by 26cm Front cover with silver hot stamping.
ISBN: 9789974998544
Publisher: Santiago Barreiro
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