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by Eva Szombat
After researching and releasing a practical guide to Happiness,I have decided to document actual people, who have introduced happiness into their lives to overcome misfortunes, tragedies, nuisances, or just the banality of day-to-day living. These people have managed to turn their lives around by having focused on what makes them happy, and how to achieve it: from gender reassignment surgery through collecting everyday objects to having a pet, the book Practitioners gives them the spotlight. The book has five chapters: Togetherness, Hobbies, Pets, Self-realization and Home.

Concept & Photos: Éva Szombat Layout: Ábris Gryllus Edition size: 150 (numbered copies) 19 x 24 cm, 148 pages, 88 images, paperback Printing: Prime Rate Kft. Hungary
ISBN: 978-963-12-5781-6
Publisher: selfpublished

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