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Beautiful Monster
by Michal Korta
BEAUTIFUL MONSTER - Skopje Brutalist Architecture Author: Michał Korta Dimensions: 16x19 cm (vertical) 28 pages 10 photographs 4'x5' (Grayscale) English text by Dobromiła Błaszczyk / Contemporary Lynx Polish Version insert on request Paper: Munken Pure 240 Print: Profit Bochnia Handmade binding Typeface: ARS Maquette & Ombra Brutal Cover: Black cardboard with hand made silkscreen printing (Madu) Limited, signed and numbered collectors edition of 20+5 copies Korta Studio © 2016 ISBN: 978-83-945466-01
ISBN: ISBN: 978-83-945466-01
Publisher: Korta Studio

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