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you breathe from a garden in your neck
by Judith Jockel
‘You Breathe from a Garden in Your Neck’ is a book which uses photography to get a grip on something which is lost. In 2011 Judith’s best friend Mieke passed away; they shared a studio with a garden in Amsterdam Oost. After her death Judith uses Mieke’s analog Cambo 8×10 inch camera to photograph the flowers in their shared garden. The camera has a technical malfunction, tiny holes add an uncontrollable amount of light to the projection. The result is a collection of photographs, which show all the flowers, but through the light flares on the negative also the camera is present. The book is printed on the exact same size as the largeformat negatives: 8×10 inch.
ISBN: 978-94-90119-44-7
Publisher: Fw:Books

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