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Retratos pra Yayá
by Irmina Walczak & Sávio Freire
"(...) In this book, we'll find photographs of a childhood without consumerism, television or technology. The photographic project that gave birth to this book is relevant not only because of its concept, but also due to the quality of its images: expressive, touching, honest and courageous. Each photograph is a complete narrative, and the entire set is as immersive as a journey to a place that has been long-forgotten. (...)" (R.F. Perreira) "(...) The images impressed on these pages were taken between 2012 and 2016, mostly at our home in Brasília. Some of the photos that were originally in this project did not make it to the book, a choice that reflects the idea that an excess of images can result in a lack of memory. We've chosen the ones that might transcend our own outlook as parents and allow for others to recognize themselves in our story. (...)" (I.Walczak & S.Freire)
ISBN: 978-85-922168-0-1
Publisher: Self-published

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