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Planet in the frame. Enjoying the heart
by Vladimir Alekseev
This book - the first part of the photo project by Vladimir Alekseev "Planet in the frame. Enjoying the heart. "

Work on it lasted for 7 years, during which it was carried out more than a dozen unique expeditions to the most remote corners of the world, a wealth of scientific data on the cosmology and mythology of various peoples of the world. The project's objective - to demonstrate that once existed on the Planet Common Knowledge, and the people themselves at all times and on all continents have sought to do good. And not just that. In this book you will not only see the most beautiful places on Earth, but also to find the key that will help solve the mystery of the ancient knowledge.

Pictures will present the audience a solar eclipse in the Arctic, and a volcanic eruption, life difficult tribes of Indians of the Amazon and fauna of Madagascar, pictures of rare frescos from the excavations of the Maya pyramids and natural phenomena, the aurora borealis, and rock paintings of the Australian Aborigines, recreational areas and many other interesting episodes from the life of our Planet.

These photos and interesting facts from the comments will help to reflect on the very nature of man and the true sense of his life.
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