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Actualities in Black & Orange
by Menachem Kuchar
Published in January, 2006, Actualities in Black & Orange is Menachem Kuchar's long overdue first book. It illustrates the people in and behind the "Orange" Campaign in Israel during 2005.

The work represents an inquiry into contemporary Israeli life. Using his camera precisely and lucidly to record the anti-"Disengagement" movement, Menachem weaves a photographic narrative of what was happening in the background to the events being played out on the national stage. Stunningly laid out and finely printed, the book presents more than forty timely photographs from the Actualities in Black & Orange collection, fifteen photographs from the Bus Stop collection as well as colour photographs taken in Gush Katif.
ISBN: 965-90766-2-2
Publisher: Master Print, Jerusalem

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