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Mirrorless - senza specchio
by Carla Cantore
‪”Give sorrow words;‬‬‬ the grief that does not speak Whispers the o'er-fraught heart and bids it break” William Shakespeare

People are not allowed to use mirrors in the Centre for Behavioural Eating Disorders of Chiaromonte (Potenza, Italy). The reflected image does not exist there. But this also means that for the guests of the Centre a new life, which shines in its own light, begins in that very place. This was the inspiration for Mirrorless, the first book of photographs by Carla Cantore, which reconstructs the most important moments of some guests’ daily life in the Centre through photographs taken over the 6 months the author followed them. Photos by Carla Cantore and texts by Alessandro Cirillo but also by specialists and professionals like Mario Marra, Rosa Trabace, Federico Lapetina, Gabriele Catania, and Ada Nubile. These texts, also availablet in English, narrate of scientific truths and, at the same time, true stories. Of love often pursued at all costs, in order to become somehow accepted, to become visible. Mirrorless chronicles the extraordinary nature of every existence lived with courage, and Carla Cantore with her photographs seeks that thin thread of hope, that desire to be loved, to be seen and lived for what one is, a desire which is hidden deep down in each of us, sometimes under a thick blanket of pain. Sergio Gallo‬ journalist
ISBN: 9-791220-004893
Publisher: novembre 2016

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