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365D Trecentosessantacinquegiornidadonna
by Sham Hinchey and Marzia Messina
365D ( The“D” stands for Donne and for Days) is a book of photographic portraits and short stories in chronological order like the days of a calendar. For each date of the year 365 women tell the story of an incident in their lives which happened on that particular day. Women from all over Italy famous and non, of all ages and backgrounds contributed by giving testimony not only of themselves but of a woman’s condition in today’s society which continues a complex path between the redefinition of roles, a newly acquired awareness and a conquest of new civil rights. The project put together the ambitious task of recording throughout the heterogeneous participants some of the many feminine sides of contemporary Italy in a succession of random incidents. Whether poetic or dramatic, violent or romantic, contradictory or conscious they are however real.
ISBN: ISBN-10: 8836623298
Publisher: Silvana