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Dear Erin Hart
by Jessamyn Lovell
In response to having her identity stolen in 2009, artist Jessamyn Lovell began to pursue the woman who was using her stolen identity and made art of the process. An act of artistic retribution, Lovell utilized her camera to occupy the varied roles of victim, stalker, investigator, artist, spy and vigilante to create a body of work that touches on contemporary concerns of surveillance and selfhood within the information age. For an artist whose previous work has engaged questions of identity, Dear Erin Hart, represents Lovell's continued examination of the self as it relates to a "data-self" that exists amidst the chaotic unfolding of real life. This catalog was produced following the SF Camerawork exhibition Dear Erin Hart, (September 3 - October 18, 2014), and includes an essay by Chief Curator of the Contemporary Jewish Museum, Renny Pritikin.
ISBN: 978-0-9843038-7-8

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