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In Country: Soldiers' Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan
by Jennifer Karady and Chuck Mobley, Editors
Since 2006 Jennifer Karady has turned the focus of her art practice toward staging photographs of a significant memory from individual veterans' experience in relation to how that memory manifests itself in their civilian life. In creating these photographs, Karady actively engages with these veterans, both as collaborators and subjects. After extensive interviews and a lengthy planning process, each veteran reenacts the chosen memory, in uniform, often surrounded by family and friends and within her or his everyday environment. As staged, completely analog photographs rich with allegory and symbolism, these veterans shared memories, recalled and revealed in collaboration with Karady carry with them the stories of their subjects. The veterans' recollections, derived from interviews conducted by the artist, are included alongside the photographs. Currently a work-in-progress, Karady hopes to eventually complete this project with 25 photographs of veterans from around the country. This 12 x 12-inch monograph features a full-color 24-page portfolio (that includes soldiers' stories of war recounted in their own voices), an interview with Jennifer Karady, and an essay by art historian Carol McCusker, Ph.D. This monograph accompanied the SF Camerawork exhibition of the same title. (May 6—August 7, 2010).
ISBN: 978-0-9843038-1-6

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