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Starring Amsterdam
by Joost Bastmeijer
In Amsterdam, during the roaring 60s and 70s, Dutch photojournalists Hans Sabel and Henk Daniëls took over 150.000 photos of national and international celebrities. 'Starring Amsterdam' shows a selection of their best shots, featuring many previously unpublished images of Jacques Brel, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Charles Aznavour and Dutch celebs like Johan Cruyff and Willeke Alberti.

Apart from the foreword, written by James Worthy, I have written every word in the book. Like 'Depart', 'Starring Amsterdam' is an initiative and design of MENDO, a world famous photo book store in Amsterdam, and is published by TERRA Lannoo.
ISBN: 9089896945
Publisher: Terra Lannoo

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