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by Peter Svensson
338 pages, 660 pictures, text about environment and history, maps to give you an impression on the locations. --- I am really proud to present my second book, another one in the series of the “Photo Scriptum” collection. This time it’s not about culture and people but more about fauna and flora and perhaps a little bit about history or should I say about the future? History indeed, the MMS Beagle arrived at Galápagos on September 9, 1835. On board a man called Charles Robert Darwin. That rings a bell doesn’t it! When Darwin left Galápagos on October 20, 1835 after a stay of about 5 weeks he didn’t know yet that the outcome of this stay would turn the world in a new direction. This is where the future starts. It is all about the conservation of what is left at the Galápagos Islands almost two centuries after his arrival. Hmm, did I say not about culture? Travelers who have been there may see this book as a souvenir. The ones planning to visit the Islands may see this book as a travelers’ guide with one important message to you: ”always keep conservation in mind at each step you take on the Galápagos Islands”.
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