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Manmade / no human
by Jan Stel
I would like to share my fascination and admiration for the beauty of decay with you through a book, so that you can also wander around in the wonderful world of the abandoned and forgotten. Conceived, designed and built by people, but now deserted by everyone. This book is a personal selection of the many sites that I have photographed over the years. It is not a dull collection of dozens of photographs that are put in a book without much coherence. I opted for a division into 13 chapters, with each chapter telling the story of one location. Obviously my pictures of these locations take the lead, but I also added a short history and a personal narrative about that particular location. And sometimes about the risks you need to take to make that one picture or series that tells my story of these places.

Manmade / no human is 103% successfully funded by Voordekunst.
ISBN: ISBN 97890824937-2
Publisher: EPFAB
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